Video Delivers A Different Perspective

It is probably the most exciting time to be a golf coach. We have so many resources at our fingertips and it is also fun to keep learning as our students grow with us.  Video has been around for so long and continues to be widely used mainly because of the ease of use. You can take a video, send it anywhere in the world and have a discussion with your coach to plan for improvements so quickly. 

Using video is comparable to a quick check up at the doctor or dentist. It is a snapshot of what happened so the coach and student can discuss.  The most important part of the process asking the student questions in order to gain perspective on their thought process. By understanding their thought process, we are able to open a conversation and work together. Everyone is going to see things differently. Differently does not mean that it is poor information, it is the opposite. The more information you have, the better the solution.  

A more in-depth look at a student’s body motion and club movement can now be monitored by radar, K-Vest and GEARS systems. These are more like a MRI of what is really happening during the swing. To gain a perspective on what is really happening during the swing, I feel these accelerators in learning are a necessity. Only using video would be comparable to going to a 7-11 to cure the flu.  Without the data we are able to get from the new technology available, it is very hard to have a great solution.  

Using video to only view the swing can create problems. There are so many other variables to pay attention to when a student hits a shot. We often video a student in an artificial atmosphere. There are lines on the ground with tees and a basket of balls in front of the student – not to mention the filming is always done on the range with other people around hitting balls at the same time. Also, after a while the student knows what you will be looking for as a coach. It is up to the coach to create an atmosphere where the student can feel all his or her senses are being used. This is a very high-level learning process for both the student and coach. It is by doing this that the plan for improvement is understood and can begin.

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