How Do You Use Technology?

I recently went on a road trip from Florida to Mexico. As with any good road trip, it was not complete without utilizing technology. By using my GPS, I was able to keep track of my progress and show the road ahead. Technology has much the same effect in golf – it helps give a coach and student a progress report and show the road ahead.

As a golf coach I can often see what a student needs to improve on by just looking at a swing.  The club needs to be faster, the face is shut, the knees buckle – the list goes on. Using technology will help create a scientific, fact-driven plan and provide a clear picture of what the end result looks like.

Video gives us a small look into the “big picture” of what is going on and the use of radar (FlightScope), K-VEST, TPI testing is the MRI of what is REALLY happening.  This process cuts out the guesswork and selling the student on a “Philosophy”.  The solution is based on facts that will create a program that has a “Big Picture Goal”.

At intermediate times in practice or training the coach and student can use video to check up on the progress of their training plan. Utilizing additional technology can create a starting place and establish benchmarks to strive for. Progress helps build confidence, self-belief and will ultimately lower scores.

I may not be heading back south of the border anytime soon, but if I do, I won’t leave home with out my GPS!

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