Tricks to become a better golfer


You may practice daily and have the highest quality clubs on the market, but an inappropriate stance or alignment can stunt the success you could have on the golf course. Golf lessons can help you develop your own personal style, but, in the meantime, keep a few professional golf training tips in mind.

Align First, Swing Later

If you ever watch professional golf, you will notice that the pros take a look at the ball from behind, measuring how it lies in relation to the hole. While they do this, they must also consider things like the yardage of the hole, other course elements, and natural factors like wind so that they know exactly how to direct the ball. To do this like a pro golfer, simply stand directly behind your ball, with a straight line in front of you, from you, to the ball, to a target line, which is where you would like for your ball to land. This will help you see where your club face needs to be. Next, the selected club is set up adjacent to the ball in order to execute the shot.

Maintain Your Stance

There are a few things you might change before you swing the club, but, in general, your stance is not one of them. When you maintain the same stance, you learn how to modify everything else in accordance with things like wind, obstacles, and landscape. Consider your stance to be the foundation of your game. If you keep changing it, you are never going to find your comfort zone, and you are always going to be trying to figure out how to modify everything for each shot. Think of your stance like a recipe: you can tweak a lot of things, but the main ingredients are always the same.

Use the Wind to Your Advantage

No matter how strong the wind is, it is always best to use it to your advantage. In fact, the more you try to fight it, the more frustrated you will become, because the wind is always going to come out on top, in more ways than one. Instead of trying to fight the wind, use it to direct your ball. You may need to adjust your club face or alignment to do this, but it always works out better than trying to fight a force of nature.

Professional golf training tipsAim High

When it comes to putting, are you coming out on the low side of the hole? This would be the side that is physically lower than the hole is. If so, you just have to keep gravity in mind when you make your putt. The ball is always going to eventually roll downhill, even if your putt starts it out going up the hill. Give yourself a little more height on the putt so that, even if you do happen to miss the hole, you end up on the high side of it, with a better chance at a successful shot the next time.

For more pro tips for golfing, or to learn how you can schedule lessons of your own, visit the International Junior Golf Academy today at IJGA.

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