The Importance of Planning

One of the first tasks we complete with the students at IJGA is setting a plan.  The purpose of setting the plan is to help give our students direction to where they are going.    A plan helps guide the path and prioritize tasks to complete in order to reach their goals. The plan serves as a series of objectives to complete along their path.

At IJGA we complete the planning stage using the following methods:

  1. Gathering Data
  2. Commitment Contracts
  3. Setting expectations
  4. Carrying out the Plan
  5. Monitoring the Plan and Modifying if needed

It starts with gathering data on behalf of the students.   We observe them during two eighteen hole games.   After this round, we spend three days collecting data on their game.

Then we move onto a commitment contract and generating their training plan.

In the commitment contract, we list their critical path, this is linked to their goal for the college/university they wish to attend. We then incorporate stroke average, carry distance, SAT, ACT, GPA, TOEFL scores (if needed).

We then add the data we previously collected; stats, mental, physical and tournaments.

This gives us a well-rounded view of the student athlete and enough information to assist them in reaching their goals.  This information then connects to what level of player they are. Results of the planning process are developed into a plan ranging from 5 bullet points, to a complete periodized training plan.

During the commitment contract phase we also list our expectations of the students and what they can expect from us.

Here are some of our expectations for student athletes:

  • To be committed to developing into all they can be on and off the golf course
  • To conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times
  • To respect efforts of parents/guardians, coaches, officials, facility and all staff
  • To ask questions and seek support at any time and especially if confusion sets in or it personal problems arise off the course
  • To approach all relevant tasks: academics, practice, play, fitness, nutrition training etc. like a champion
  • To continually learn and discover, to be a role model
  • To be honest with themselves and others at all times
  • To smile, have fun and enjoy the journey

Here are what our student athletes can expect from IJGA:

  • To have fun
  • Support and 100% commitment from us
  • To improve as golfers and people
  • To be prepared to play their best golf
  • A professional coaching and training program
  • To interact with other likeminded athletes
  • Honest and open two way communication and feedback
  • Structured coaching, practice and training
  • Preparation and guidance for life as a college athlete

The risk of not having a plan doesn’t allow the student to complete the daily tasks needed and can end with a student not hitting their goals due to mismanagement of time or task completion.  

Keep in mind, if the plan is too challenging the student will lose interest and/or get frustrated, if the student is under challenged then they will lose motivation. Getting the challenge point correct is key.

It is beneficial to continually monitor the plan based on achievements, and it is important to be flexible with change.

Some important stats to look at as a junior golfer are:   

  • Stroke average
  • Average distance from flag on approach shots
  • Trackman combine scores
  • Number of big misses on the course during a round
  • Average number of birdies per round

At IJGA, we have putting games, and short game tasks that have been done with top level professionals and elite juniors. This way we know what level they should be at.  This “gamification” allows the player to strive to get to the next score, just like a video game.

As you can see creating a plan is a process as well, but a well determined plan can make the biggest difference in success!

Plan and be prepared to play your best!


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