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K-Vest and 3D Motion Capture
K-MOTION Interactive is one of the first companies to introduce 3D motion capture within the golf industry. The 3D wearable wireless vest gives instant feedback to the player through sensors placed on the upper torso, pelvis, lead arm and lead wrist. Through the use of visual and audio cues, the player is directed into the correct position. The use of K-Motion will accelerate the player’s improvements when used with experienced coaches who can fully utilize the drills and training programs in coaching.
VI Video
Industry-leading video analysis software that allows coaches to analyze a golf swing from a number of different camera angles, in slow motion, making comparisons to Tour players and showcasing technical changes to the players.
A Doppler radar that tracks both the golf club and golf ball giving 28 different parameters. This is the world’s most prominent tracker and is used by PGA and LPGA tour players. The rich data gathered by the TrackMan allows accurate information to be given, taking out any guess work. A high level of working knowledge is needed to fully utilize this piece of equipment.
Brings comprehensive, real-time ground mechanics data & insight. The force pressure mat is designed to be portable for use on the practice range for full swing as well as putting, chipping and pitching. Information on how the center of pressure shifts in the swing gives experienced coaches the ability to make quick and sustainable swing fixes. Knowledge of how the pressure shifts during the swing allows a player to understand how to generate maximum power with their swing.
SAM PuttLab
The most recognizable putting system, it uses radar and lasers to give precise information, collecting data on things such as club path, face angle, tempo, ball spin and centeredness of strike. Through this rich data, SAM PuttLab then allows quick and factual changes to be made, when in the hands of a highly skilled coach.


An integral part of BGGA’s golf training methodology is a strong focus on tournament competition. BGGA students spend weekends during the school year gaining valuable experience playing in nationally ranked events across the country. Students compete in many tournaments on the International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT) and Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) as well as in American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and other marquee junior golf events. All IJGT events are nationally ranked by Golfweek and Junior Golf Scoreboard. With over 40 hosted events, IJGT provides an excellent platform for juniors to increase their tournament results and acquire the recognition that college coaches will notice.
With BGGA’s partnership with Sir Nick Faldo and The Faldo Series, BGGA students now have the opportunity to play in The Faldo Series America. The winner of the U.S. Grand Final qualifies for The Faldo Series Europe Grand Final.


BGGA and IJGT partner with The Faldo Series.
BGGA student-athletes benefit from BGGA’s relationship with Sir Nick Faldo and his global junior development effort, the Faldo Series, which hosts events in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Starting in 2017, The Faldo Series now partners with BGGA and IJGT to bring opportunities for junior golfers in the United States to compete in the Faldo Series.
BGGA organizes opportunities for junior golfers to compete in a series of first-class tournaments on some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world.
By partnering with some of the best junior tours in the country, we ensure our students are getting the best tournament experience to prepare them for competition at the next level.

“My vision is for junior golf at the highest level to shadow the professional tours with global competition. I also expect these young players will inspire new golfers around the world to try our great game. Thanks to IJGT and BGGA for their ongoing support and for opening the door to American players to be included in our global competition.”
Sir Nick Faldo
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