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image of a female golfer on the course potentially injured

First Aid Issues You May Encounter During a Round by IJGA

For many individuals golfing is a low-impact, non-contact sport. However, daily repetitive motions like swinging a golf club without the proper instruction or form places you at risk of contracting acute or chronic injuries for future games. The IJGA academy training team believes injury prevention is just as important as physical form, especially as a…
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male golfer learning to swing and grip

What to Do About Gripping Your Club With Sweaty Hands by IJGA

Sweaty hands during an important game is a golfer’s kryptonite. It could mean the difference between losses and wins during a golf tournament. As a professional, or soon-to-be professional, golfer sweaty hands are an inevitable concern that every golfer encounters despite their age or talent. It isn’t so much to do with being nervous (well,…
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Girl practicing with a driver on cloudy autumn day

Interested in Winter Golf Camp? Register Now!

Winter in Florida is warm enough for golf. That’s why we offer winter golf camp at IJGA Bishops Gate. Today’s blog from IJGA outlines our winter golf camp program and why it’s essential to your development as a golfer. Related Post: Five Huge Benefits of IJGA Junior Golf Summer Camp Why attend winter golf camp?…
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