Ritwik Jain


DSC00179 Ritwik Jain

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Where are you from?
New Delhi, India

What is your graduation year?

How long have you been with the IJGA?
Six Months

What are some upcoming tournaments you will be playing in?
IJGT Oldfield Junior and AJGA Innisbrook

How long have you been playing golf?
Six years

What is your proudest golf memory?
Finishing in the top three in the Indian National Championship

Who is your favorite professional golfer?
Jordan Spieth

What is the best advice you have received from a golf coach?
[Concentrate on] weight transfer

Do you have any golf advice for other players?
A bad putt=a good chip

What are your future college plans?
Play for a division 1 school

Do you have any special routines before you play an event?
Mark my golf ball with a quarter

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