Social Distancing Etiquette at Our Golf Boarding School

Golf is an individual sport. It pits you against yourself, the elements, and the course. Yet we still must maintain social distancing rules at IJGA. Today’s blog talks about social distancing etiquette at our golf boarding school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Face Coverings

We wear face coverings when serving food, participating in non-physically demanding events, and giving classroom instruction. Face coverings are one way to stop the spread of COVID-19, and we’re taking these measures to keep you or your child safe at golf boarding school.

Six Feet of Distance

Our students, instructors, staff, and faculty maintain at least six feet of distance from each other at all times, especially indoors. We limit the number of people on our campus, make sure students are in their own rooms, and keep social events to a minimum. Yes, kids need their social activities to maintain their well-being. But we’re cognizant of everyone’s physical health at golf boarding school.

Minimal Physical Contact

You might be tempted to high-five your playing partner or shake someone’s hand during an introduction. Physical contact can spread germs. Please keep physical contact with others to a minimum. Our staff will do the same.

Shared Spaces

We have several shared indoor spaces at our golf boarding school, such as fitness centers, recreation rooms, and our meal spaces. Our staff and students strive to maintain social distancing, even in these shared spaces, while keeping gatherings to manageable numbers. We’ll adapt our normal meal times, workouts, and downtime to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

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Golf Boarding School at IJGA

IJGA’s golf boarding school offers a world-class experience for kids who love the game. We also take care of everyone who comes through our doors, especially during this worldwide pandemic. Contact IJGA or call toll-free 1-855-378-8177 for more information.

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