Playing Golf with Older Relatives

One of the best reasons to play golf with family and friends, especially between your golf training sessions, is to take pressure off of yourself and have a good time. When you are in a setting where you can play with older relatives, you are able to continue to work on your mechanics in a social environment. In addition to having a good time out on the course with your relatives, playing with older golfers allows both you and your family to learn new things while sharing the game you love. Golf is a game built on knowledge passed down from generation to generation, but it also allows for junior golfers to show their older counterparts a thing or two.

What to Expect on the Course

You will learn a lot of things after playing a round with your older relatives, including different approaches to holes. However, there are some things you should be prepared for that will help you enjoy your day on the course. Although golf is a very individual sport, expect to have a much more social round and throw any ideas of playing a quick 18 out the window. Rather than being aggressive and using the day as a training session, it should be seen as a chance to have a friendly competition and to bond.

You may get a few sideways glances from your relatives for using technology out on the course, such as a distance-measuring app or other GPS assistance. If your foursome is truly looking to maintain the purity of the sport during the day, choose to walk the course instead of using golf carts. In addition to having a good time with your family and being carefree, it is also a good idea to see how you stack up against golfers that have years, if not decades, of more experience than you.

Golf Training

Can It Help My Training?

While it is important to remember that a day playing golf with older relatives should not be approached as if it were the final round of a tournament, there are still ways that you can get personal value out of it. This is especially true if you and your relatives decide to play a course with which you are unfamiliar. By virtue of experience, your relatives can help you understand different course conditions, such as wind, as well as how to read the angle and slope of the green. Each golf course you will play will be different, and these tips and tricks will add to your knowledge and understanding of what to look for before each shot.

You may not realize it when you are playing, but your family can help reinforce the golf training you receive from a coach. Playing with relatives also gives you the opportunity to show off what you have been practicing in the form of friendly contests for longest drive, closest approach, and fewest putts. You can also take the experiences you have back into the next training session and break down live situations with your coach. Get more tips for playing golf with older relatives, and learn more about IJGA’s academy program, by contacting our team today at (888) 452-6642.

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