Our students are sought after by college teams, not just for their golf ability but because of the discipline and good habits they have developed at IJGA.
IJGA alumni regularly comment on the importance of the Leadership programs, where they learned to be role models and were given authority to influence the culture of the academy.
Many of our students achieved great success in their college careers – winning conferences and gaining individual honors.


A number of our students have gone on to play professional golf, some even winning majors and even Olympic Medals.
This is the exception as professional golf is so competitive, a small percentage will make it on the tour. But with hard work and talent, who knows?
Touring pros from IJGA include IK Kim, ShanShan Feng, Stephanie Meadow, Richy Werenski, Pablo Larrazabal, Morgan Hoffman and many more.



The quality of the range and golf course, the training options, are the “toolbox” of golf coaches. The houses and secure campus create the “home away from home” environment that our residential instructors appreciate. Having created these foundations at both Bishops Gate (near Orlando, Florida) and at Old Carolina (near Hilton Head, South Carolina), our two campus facilities are second to none and have raised the “entry bar” for other junior boarding golf academies.

These facilities attract top golf coaches and residential instructors, who then provide the best experience for our students, giving them the opportunity to achieve their optimal goals, of first a great college golf and academic experience and then perhaps professional golf, but at least a successful career.

Our Orlando campus is private gated community situated on a lake and close to Disney and Universal theme parks, making
Orlando the “holiday capital of the world” with 75m visitors each year. Students enjoy a 16-
acre range, 9-hole golf course, with the best year around greens in Florida. There are 35 houses for students, staff and guests, two fitness centers, a learning center, swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball, marina and much more.

Our Hilton Head campus is also a private gated community situated in one of the fastest growing urban centers in the U.S., with easy access to the incredible beaches that bring over 2m visitors to Hilton Head Island (voted the best in the U.S. and second best in the world). Students train on a large range with an 18-hole golf course, a 9-hole par 3 Challenge Course, Himalayas putting course, and a state of the art indoor golf training facility with studio equipped with force plates,
Trackman, SAM PuttLab, as well as multiple indoor hitting bays and a large indoor putting/ chipping arena.

Our Academy in Mexico is situated in the amazing La Loma campus, with a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. Student live in
exceptional facilities in the notable Olympic training village of La Loma.

Our Academy in India is based in the Karma golf course, an exclusive 9-hole golf course in the suburbs of Delhi. Students live in villas in the community.



It takes blood, sweat and tees to become a Top 100 Teacher, one of the most coveted titles in golf instruction. Per GOLF Magazine, “Each of these slice-busting, swing-fixing pros have the right stuff.”

The International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA), the oldest, independent junior golf academy in the nation, is proud to have not one, but two such teachers as Directors of Golf at two locations – Gary Gilchrist at IJGA Bishops Gate and Jonathan Yarwood at IJGA Old Carolina. Both have been named toGOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, the longest- running list of elite teachers (25 years and counting.) Both have achieved considerable success coaching touring professionals, developing junior and amateur champions.

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our golf program, made up of excellent coaches, excellent facilities, excellent access to the facilities and a wonderfully competitive group of golfers, all striving with great ambition for lofty goals. All academies have strong mental
performance and athletic development programs, with influence over the catering center to control our students’ diet.

Our U.S. Academies are established in private and secure campus settings, with the full range of training options, where students can step outside their homes onto the training facilities and golf course without interference from golf course members or guests.


For student’s academics, we have two wonderful but very different school partners, Montverde Academy in Florida and Heritage Academy in
South Carolina.

Montverde (MVA) is internationally recognized as being a top educational institution very supportive of sports, with their basketball, soccer, baseball and tennis all U.S. national champions. MVA has more than doubled in size, and prestige since we began to partner with them twelve years ago and now has almost 1,500 students.

In contrast, Heritage Academy is a unique school in only supporting students with a passion for golf, tennis, swimming, rowing, dance, music, etc. Voted the top island in the USA, Hilton Head is a perfect place to raise children, therefore no surprise that there are two top tennis academies, two top golf academies and other academies that inspire
excellence in students. Small and intimate, principally serving high school students,

Heritage Academy tends to graduate about 40 students a year in contrast to Montverde’s graduating classes in excess of 200 students.


Our students all make great sacrifices to leave their family, show courage often coming from a foreign country to study in a different language, and most have immense ambition to succeed on all fronts, as individuals, as golfers and in their studies. With golf a great character- building sport, it is hard to imagine a better peer group in any boarding school.

Our students stay in a “home away from home” environment, generally in three- bedroom houses, with between four and six housemates. Each campus has its own catering team, recognizing the importance of nutrition in our student-athletes. We have full housekeeping services, to ensure excellent hygienic care of living spaces. Student activities are organized,
particularly during weekends, to give students opportunities for outings, shopping and fun with their friends.


Character is essential to succeed in any walk of life, in business, in golf, in college and in relationships. We follow the Habitudes student athlete program, but more than that our Golf Coaches and Residential Instructors, through their example, are creating the environment for our
“Peer Group” to excel.

Although our committed staff are a great influence on the students the real magic are the influences between students in what is the most essential jewel in our academy, our Peer Group. Our students all make great sacrifices to leave their family, show courage often coming from a
foreign country to study in a different language, and most have immense ambition to succeed on all fronts, as individuals, as golfers and in their studies. With golf a great character building, it is hard to imagine a better peer group in any boarding institution.

We also have a Leadership program appointing students as Ambassadors, to be role models for other students and exercise authority as leaders in our houses and our community. It has been wonderful to see how our students rise to this challenge and learn the art of Leadership, which is so much more powerful than being a Follower.


College Planning starts as soon as our students join the Academy, as it serves as a great motivator.

Based on current academic ability and golf game, we identify the likely colleges that students might attend. Then our team will
advise on the “reach” colleges based on improved academics or improved golf, demonstrating the necessary work need to
achieve goals.

We plan the necessary ACT/SAT, TOEFL with tutoring support, and monitor each student’s academics and golf closely. We assist in preparing a resume, with personal statement and golf videos. Finally, we connect with the respective golf coaches, assisting in building the relationship, and then support the college visit.

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