New Oakley partnership popular with students

Oakley and IJGA partner to provide students market-leading eyewear

The beginning of 2014 introduced a new partnership between IJGA and Oakley. Oakley is now the official eyewear of the IJGA and our students are eligible to receive large discounts on eyewear that isn’t even available to the public yet! After our first monthly order, 75% of IJGA students are now enjoying their Oakleys on and off the course.

In the months to come, IJGA and Oakley will be working together to educate the students on the best lens choices to protect their eyes against sun damage that also offer top-of-the-line technology for varying weather.

Oakley was created with world-class athletes in mind and holds 600 patents from their decades of innovation and research. Founded in 1975 out of Southern California, Oakley has now expanded to offer their high-performance eyewear featuring market-leading optical technology to over 100 countries.

The IJGA is the first and only academy to team up with Oakley and we are proud to partner with the leading eyewear provider in professional sports in order to offer our students the best performance gear available.

Flak Jacket Oakley

Oakley’s Flak Jacket, a highly popular model among the students


Oakley's Frogskins are a popular 'lifestyle' model

Oakley’s Frogskins are a popular ‘lifestyle’ model

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