Everything you do at IJGA is meant to help you discover your power and your responsibility. IJGA alumni often say that their years at IJGA were the most formative of their lives. It could be the time, the place or the friendships they made. For many, the answer is found in the wholeness of the experience – the knowledge and the goodness.

IJGA inspired student-athletes to be their own best coach. Character, determination, grit, self-confidence, self-esteem and sociability are character traits more likely built through sports.

Student-athletes join the International Junior Golf Academy to improve their golf and academic skills and give themselves the opportunity to play college and possibly professional golf. At IJGA, we believe that their personal development journey is just as important to give students the mental stamina and perseverance they need to overcome the challenges ahead.

When we espouse that the mission of IJGA is to inspire excellence of golf skill and character in our students, it is not just a statement but a calling that we take very seriously.

As part of our mission, IJGA has developed a full nine-month student development curriculum to educate and encourage students to change, evolve, grow and be a better version of themselves. Building character takes effort and artistry, and the humility and grace to allow yourself to be molded and shaped by life circumstances and your own limitations and weaknesses.

If at the end of their stay at IJGA, students are more humble than proud, more empathetic than self-serving, and more grateful than expectant. They will have started their journey on the road to character. Building character takes a lifetime, but a fulfilled life is created, not given to us, and we craft it by making good decisions and building good habits over time that will serve us well for the rest of our lives.

  • We are exceptionally proud of our Peer Group, who share the common experience of making sacrifices in leaving home, having the courage to study in a foreign country, for some in a foreign language, and having the ambition for greatness as a professional golfer or at least an outstanding college golf experience.
  • The student influences on each other is amazing, and we manage this with light touch.
  • Senior and Junior students are elected as role model Captains and participate in fortnightly Leadership programs.
  • All students participate in weekly Character sessions based on the college athlete Habitude program.
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Captains-Program At IJGA


The IJGA Captains Program offers committed students a dynamic peer leadership opportunity. As role models on and off the course, IJGA Captains lead by example in all they do. Chosen through a highly selective process of application and interview, Captains are the first to volunteer to help student life team members, golf coaches and one another – in matters big and small. Leading initiatives in community program and service, Captains go out of their way to positively influence Academy life. They lead a student council, collecting feedback from their peers and, when necessary, create solutions to make IJGA even better than it already is. Captains selflessly serve their community because giving back is innate to their character. While the position is voluntary, the benefits are forever. Not only do Captains gain the memorable experiences they do, but they also participate in a leadership development curriculum that helps each critically examine and improve their leadership skills. The Captains Program is all about leadership today for a better tomorrow.

IJGA Waves-Character-Program


IJGA exists to empower young adolescents as engaged citizens of an ever changing, complex global society. As such, more than golf, more than school, IJGA must ensure the positive character development of all students. IJGA achieves this aim through the implementation of its HABITUDES Character Program. The HABITUDES Program extends learning beyond the classroom, and provides students with many opportunities for individual and team development. While the activities and assignments change throughout the course of the year, every HABITUDES activity is designed to be an engaging, challenging and transformative learning opportunity. By delving into topics such as integrity, honesty, ethics, gratitude, conflict resolution and communication skills, students giving their all to this program and its many challenges will be better poised to navigate their student-athlete journeys with greater confidence, conviction and commitment. Altogether, as a result of their IJGA HABITUDES experience, IJGA students will depart the academy well equipped to navigate life’s challenges, trials and tribulations.

Student-Life Of-IJGA.


Students find themselves surrounded by a family of caring staff dedicated to each individual’s success. We take great pride in the privilege of challenging and supporting all students as they work to become their best in school, in golf, and most importantly, in life.

IJGA Academy Programs


IJGA assists students to fulfill their social responsibility projects Montverde and Heritate Academies require. IJGA students offer support to communities, both locally and globally, and learn from those experiences and carry that knowledge forward.

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