Keys to Recruitment in College Golf

By BGGA College Placement Department

 There are several keys to success in the college golf recruiting process. Here are some to help you along the way!

  • Work hard at improving your golf game.
    • Establish a plan for improvement with your coach and work on the areas that will give you the most benefit in terms of overall improvement.
  • Do well in school.
    • Every grade counts and every year is considered. You can’t just try hard at the end. You must be consistent throughout your high school career.
  • Prepare for your entrance exams.
    • Take a course and or find a tutor to help you prepare for your ACTs, SATs and TOEFL (if applicable). You can retake tests if necessary to improve your score.
  • Build a solid golf resume.
    • Compete in tournaments that allow you to develop as a player and strive to reach the highest level of competition possible.
  • Write a compelling email to a coach.
    • Coaches receive thousands of emails. Make sure yours stands out from the rest by highlighting your strengths and positive attributes. Student-athletes that email coaches in their sophomore year tend to do better in the recruiting process as they get on the coaches’ radar early. Coaches cannot respond to you when you’re a sophomore under NCAA rules. The latest you should wait is November of your junior year.
  • Know your criteria for a best fit college for you.
    • Determine what’s important to you in a school and make sure it meets your academic, athletic, social and economic needs. You’ll be spending four years at the school you choose, so you want to make sure it’s a place where you’re going to be comfortable. Each student-athlete will have different criteria, so think about what’s important to you in a college environment.
  • Establish a realistic list of schools.
    • Using your criteria, create a list of at least 50 schools that include safe schools (schools where you are confident you can pass admissions and play for the team), challenge schools (schools you believe you can gain access to but you’ll have to work hard to do so), and reach schools (schools that are currently out of your reach but where you aspire to attend and play. You will email the coach at each of the 50 schools and can expect a 20% or less response rate depending on how good of a player and student you are.
  • Go on visits!
    • Don’t try to make decisions from your couch! Visit schools so you can get a feel for the environment and meet the coach in person. The NCAA only allows you to take up to five official visits (paid by school) to DI or DII schools, and only one visit per school. There is no limit on official visits to DIII or NAIA schools. You are allowed as many unofficial visits (paid by you) as you would like.
  • Be proactive and start early.
    • Most players start too late in the process! Start in the ninth grade and know what you should be doing in every phase of your high school career.



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