Short Game Mastery

By Jonathan Yarword, BGGA Master Coach

At the higher levels of golf, where many of our students aspire to be; the landscape changes. The game gets harder and the examination more intense.

The short game is a crucial part of an elite player’s game. It can hold a poor ball striking round together and can enable low scores when the ball striking A-game is on. As alluded too, at the higher level of golf things come under greater scrutiny and are more demanding. In the short game, the lies get tighter, greens faster, pins more tucked; as a result an average short game just will not cut the mustard.

To climb the ladder to elite and professional status a player needs a ‘Tour quality’ short game. By this I mean they need to have total control of the strike, spin and trajectory. Even a slight five hundred RPM change in strike can be the difference between two feet and 20 from the pin.

A bullet proof technique then, is not negotiable in this arena. Once this has been achieved through a variety of proprietary tour tested methods learned by the BGGA coaches over the years, then the artistry can be added. The short game is art, for sure. Picture some of the finest exponents like Seve Ballesteros or Tiger Woods, they make the impossible possible through not only skill but incredible artistry and imagination.

At BGGA we spend time with each student arming them with a bullet proof short game technique. We then spend time gluing it together with artistry and imagination to allow ‘Short Game Mastery” using a variety of demanding skill challenges and tasks.

As with all areas of skill acquisition, the short game requires patience and application in order to be truly mastered. The skills learned at this level will be the foundation of their game for years to come and stand them in good stead against any competition, as most have never been exposed to a tour quality short game.

At BGGA we go the extra mile in all areas of a student’s game to give them the best opportunity to have the skills to become the best player they can possibly be.


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