Improve Your Practice; Improve Your Game.

As the age-old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” However, simply going through the motions without a definitive plan can end up hurting your progress, no matter how often you go out to train. When it comes to golf, even the slightest tweak to your pre-shot routine or swing can alter your contact and send your ball flying off course into the rough. This is why it is so important to be able to improve how you practice. When your days at the driving range see improvement, the results will translate over to the next full round that you play. As your golf technique improves, so too will your scores in tournaments as you look to climb the junior and college ranks on the way to making the tour.

Practice with a Purpose

When you are just going through the motions with your trainer or out on your own, you are not able to get the full value out of your training session. Practicing with a purpose when you are doing things such as hitting balls off the tee, working on chip shots, or putting allows you to focus on getting better in every aspect of the game.

Seeing the connection between how your swinging mechanics affect the flight path of the ball makes it easier to see how a slight adjustment will get the ball to do what you want. Often, younger golf players become disengaged and end up not benefiting from practice at all. Keep your goals in mind during practice and treat every round as if a trophy were at stake.

Practice Whenever Possible

Are you unable to head down to the range or meet with your trainer every day? Even without time on the course you should still do what you can to practice whenever possible. Take practice swings in your front yard while envisioning different scenarios so you can train your body to perform under pressure when it counts. Set up a putting green in your house or head to the local park and bring plastic practice balls with you. Your overall game will improve when you are able to do the things you need in practice to get better.

Develop a Practice Plan

Rather than going into a practice session without a goal in mind, develop a practice plan that helps you achieve results. You can work with coaches at International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) to analyze your strengths and room for improvement so that you can make measured progress each time you go out on the course. Remember that golf practice is more than just about physical improvement. It is also necessary to train your mind, and control your emotions and reactions in order to be successful at the highest levels.

Through hard work and persistence you will be able to make strides in practice that will show up when you enter your next competition. IJGA offers full-time programs tailored to your needs as a junior golfer, and gives you the instruction and coaching necessary to reach your potential. Learn more about IJGA by contacting a representative today at 843-686-1500.

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