Importance of Club Fitting


It is very common for golfers to have equipment that is inadequate for them. Clubs come in a wide variety of characteristics, and so do those who swing them.

In fact, we all are different in many ways. When looking at human physical attributes, we vary in height, weight, arm length, leg length, strength, flexibility, hand size, foot size and so on. These variables make it impossible for a golf club manufacturer to produce enough clubs with an extremely large variety of specifications to fit everyone. This is why everyone who plays golf should be properly fit. Preferably with a radar (Trackman).

With 2019 technology, clubs can be lighter and more adjustable than ever before. They are built with light graphite shafts and Carbon-Fiber heads to lower the overall weight of the clubs. In comparison to clubs in the 80’s and 90’s, clubs today are nearly 30% lighter and can generate nearly 20% more distance. However, not all clubs are built the same, as I tell my students quite often that the label of Stiff or Regular on the shaft does not mean much. These labeled Flexes will differ greatly from brand to brand.

When club fitting at BGGA, our goal is to determine the club specifications that best compliment your size, strength, ability and basic swing motion. These parameters consist of the following:

  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft Material
  • Shaft Flex
  • Grip Size
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Head Style
  • Weighting

Check back for more blogs on club fitting, as we’ll dive into the individual parameters of fitting and why its important in order to play your best.

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