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When you are faced with choosing and applying for a college that focuses on your educational and career goals, it can be quite overwhelming. When you add in the concern of whether that institution has the sports team support and growth ability for you as a golfer, it can become downright harrowing to begin to make a choice.

There are many more things to consider than the golf program available at a certain college or university. Planning your college career includes everything from financial aid to choosing a major, and planning your classes and living situation. If you are looking for a Hilton Head golf school that will prepare you for college, then IJGA may be the answer.

What Does a Director of College Placement Do?

Scott Rosen is an important part of IJGA, as the director of college placement. He helps students find the best college program to continue both their academic studies, as well as their golfing careers. Scott is a fount of information and knowledge to help students and parents understand the college application process and make sure that all their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  As you navigate the IJGA website, the green button on each page will help you navigate to information about the programs offered, as well as how IJGA can help you with college planning and placement.

Pre-College Testing

The many different aspects of testing while in high school, including SAT and ACT tests, will help determine what type of college program will suit you. Counselors, career counselors, trainers, and teachers will all be able to discuss the myriad of possibilities you face for college.

When you are a part of IJGA, you get firsthand experience with education that is centered on your golf training, tour competition, and performance training, as well as college prep education. There is no need to go off on your own to find the best colleges for your future when you have a whole team of caring professionals to help you make these important decisions.

Navigating the world of college applications, letters of recommendation, recruiting and finance options is a lot to ask of anyone, especially someone who is just becoming an adult. The choices made now will affect the rest of your life, so it is important to get advice from others who know how things work.

If you’re a middle schooler or just beginning high school, now is the time to get started on changing your life. Attending IJGA will not only help you grow as a golfer, but you’ll get a first class education and be prepared for moving on to college as a true competitor, both academically and on the links.

Students that excel in golfing and educational classes at IJGA have gone on to have excellent careers, both on and off the course, thanks to the firm foundation that they received at IJGA. There is no reason why any student who wants to play golf should have to go anywhere else for their middle or high school education. The golf-centric school at IJGA prepares students for a college career where their golf training program and their education go hand in hand, and they are able to train hard at both.

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