IJGA alumnus continues steady play, advances on Big Break The Palm Beaches FL

This week on Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, IJGA Alumnus Richy Werenski, South Hadley, Mass., continued to show the competition what he is made of, needing just two strokes of his club to move on to Episode 8 of the Golf Channel show.

The first immunity challenge this week put the Big Breakers on teams. At breakfast there was a pile of note cards that divided the six remaining guys into three teams of two. The note cards also held the key to the challenge, the code they would need to get on to episode 9 of the show. Faced with a set of numbered nets designed to test short-game skill, one that has not been tested as much as driving and approach shots thus far, the teams had to knock balls into the three nets numbered with their code in any order. The team with the fewest strokes would automatically move on.

The first team could not work together and ended up angrily walking away with seven strokes. The second team did not fight but did not fare much better also needing seven strokes to complete the challenge. Then it was time for Werenski and Justin Martinson, Avondale, Pa., to take their chances.

At the beginning, they did not look much better than anyone else when both Martinson and Werenski missed their first shots, but they did have soomething no one else had, strategy. While the other teams just shot at each target until someone made it, Martinson and Werenski made a plan. Martinson, who shot first, would go after the number 5 net while Werenski would aim for the number 3. Whoever finished first would go for the 1 and then if needed the other would help them. This would allow them to become more familiar with their targets as golf is a game of adjustments. It worked.

After both players missed their first shots they crushed everyone’s hopes by making three straight shots. First Martinson sunk his “5″ then Werenski hit the “3″ then in a move his teammate called “Clutch, just clutch,” Martinson brought it home making his shot at the “1″ look easy.

Perhaps the best part of the challenge though was watching the players work as a team. Werenski put it best when he said “golf’s an individual sport, when you’re playing on a team you don’t want to let your teammate down.” He would know all about working on teams as he played Division I golf with Georgia Tech and brought home an ACC Championship alongside fellow competitor, Kyle Scott of Johannesburg, South Africa. While the former teammates continued to square off as opponents in this challenge it was evident that Werenski plays well with others despite the individual nature of golf.

As a reward, the winning pair got to split $4,500 in Travelocity travel credit, especially nice since both players frequently travel to various tournaments, and an afternoon off to enjoy a dining experience at PGA National’s Ironwood Grille while the other competitors faced the second immunity challenge focusing on drive and approach shots.

Werenski’s Georgia Tech teammate, Kyle Scott, faced elimination but advanced knocking out veteran amputee Chad Pfeiffer of Scottsdale, Ariz.


To view the Episode 7 in its entirety click here.

There is quite a bit at stake for the winner of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL. The competitor who comes out on top earns the following:

  • Endorsement from Adams Golf, which includes $10,000 cash
  • $10,000 worth of Avis Car Rental credits
  • $10,000 worth of Travelocity credits
  • Seven day trip for two people at PGA National
  • Sponsor’s Exemption into the PGA Tour’s 2015 Barbasol Championship
  • $50,000 cash prize

To see a sneak peek of Episode 8, click here.

More about Big Break: Golf Channel’s Big Break show concept pits highly skilled golfers against each other in a variety of challenges that test their physical skills and mental toughness.  During Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, competitors will be subject to skills challenges from tee-to-green, including two of the series’ signature challenges, the popular “Glass Break” and “Flop Wall.”  One contestant will be eliminated each week, with the last player standing awarded his Big Break, an opportunity to compete on the PGA TOUR. For the past 22 seasons, Golf Channel’s Big Break competition series has served as the launching pad for many aspiring professional golfers looking to take that next step in their golf careers. PGA TOUR winners Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey and Matt Every as well as U.S.Solheim Cup participants Kristy McPhersonGerina Piller and Ryann O’Toole, who all play full-time on the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour, all competed in the Golf Channel original series.  Several other past Big Break contestants will compete on the world’s top tours in 2015, including Tony Finau (PGA TOUR), Mallory Blackwelder, Katy Harris, Sadena Parks and Jackie Stoelting (LPGA Tour) as well as Rick Cochran, Hugo Leon, James NittiesJustin Peters and Mark Silvers (Web.com Tour).

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