How to Tee the Ball

Walking up to your first shot of the day, all that you can think about is getting your first drive right so you can carry your momentum through the rest of the round. You have worked on all of your mechanics during hours of golf training in order to fine tune your backswing and follow through. However, as you make contact with your drive, the ball does not get the distance or accuracy you need. What went wrong? Rather than changing your stance or adjusting the speed of your swing, the issue may lie with how you teed up the ball in the first place. Personal preference, as well as research, can play a factor in how far you can drive the ball and how you can capitalize on the shots that follow.

Various Tee Heights

To decide on the best way to tee up the ball on any given hole, it is important to understand the options that you have. A low tee height refers to the top edge of the ball being even with the top edge of your driver so the ball falls below the crown of the club. A medium tee height splits the ball in half so that each half is either above or below the top of the driver. A high tee places the ball so that the bottom edge is slightly above the top edge of the club.

In addition to distance, your tee height also has an effect on the ball’s trajectory and spin. Working with your trainer is a great way to see what works best for you. As you continue to develop your game, experiment with varying tee heights so you can see for yourself how each type influences your drive.


The Science Behind Tee Shots recently put together a study using golfers of varying ages and abilities, to try to find which tee height is definitively better versus the other options. At the end of its experiment, GOLF found that using a medium or high tee height resulted in further carry distance than when using a lower tee. This is due to the fact that golfers are able to get higher launch angles off of the tee, and less spin. In fact, choosing to use a higher tee height allowed golfers to get an average of 12 yards more carry per drive.

What does this mean for young golfers? Developing consistency allows you to build the tools in your game that will take you to the next level. By being deliberate with your drives, you are able increase distance and keep focus that will carry over to your approach shots and putts. While you have worked on the ball placement, in relation to your stance and the arc of your swing, go a step further and be mindful of how the ball lines up with the edge of your club. These skills, and more, can be learned and mastered through golf training with the IJGA. Learn more about IJGA and junior golf camp opportunities by contacting a representative today at 888-452-6642.


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