How to Select the Right Junior Golf Clubs

As you are helping your son or daughter progress as a junior golfer, it is a smart idea to help them balance school with golf and ensure they have the proper equipment they need to be successful. This includes finding the right junior golf clubs for golf training. Having the right clubs improves development and training so junior golfers can work on their mechanics and have more success on the course. It is obvious that young children, especially those that swing their first club at age six or younger, have no use for and simply don’t need full size clubs. Knowing how to buy clubs for your junior golfer is important so they have a solid foundation from which to grow over the years.

What Kind of Clubs Do I Need?

Many parents of junior golfers may not realize it, but your youngster doesn’t need to carry a full bag of clubs around at all times. Since distance and lift are created by swing speed and power, the golf ball will only travel so far for younger golfers. Therefore, having a driver, an iron, a wedge, and a putter allows juniors to work on the basics of their swing and still move the ball down the course.

As they get older and can swing harder, it makes more sense to fill their bag with more clubs that can assist with distance and situational shots. Avoid the urge to purchase full-size clubs, even if your junior golfer is into his or her teens, because clubs sized to the golfer are easier to control. Your child’s trainer or coach can help with club recommendations. If your junior is tournament ready, it may be wise to invest in a higher quality driver and other impact clubs that can help him or her succeed in the environment.

How Do I Know if These Junior Clubs Are Right?

There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when purchasing junior golf clubs. First, make sure to consult the sizing chart for the clubs you are considering so you get ones that are the appropriate length. Juniors will have a difficult time swinging long clubs, and cut-down adult clubs are not ideal for helping your child get better competitively. You also want to get clubs that are flexible, without buying a set that is extra flexible. The good news is that most clubs for juniors have suitable flexibility for the golfer’s height.

Are the clubs you are buying lightweight? This helps your golfer improve swing speed and control over the club. Most clubs you will find in a store will be lightweight. A golf pro can help you with the right grip size for each club. Be careful not to purchase a set straight off the shelf without the help of an expert, because each golfer is different and will have varying success with different types of clubs.

You can learn more about how to purchase the right junior golf clubs, as well as how they impact golf training, by contacting an expert at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) today at (843) 686-1500.

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