How to Properly Size Your Golf Clubs

Properly sized golf clubs are crucial for any player. As you grow up and develop as a golfer, it is important that your clubs be the right size for your height and abilities. This will help you strengthen your abilities and improve your score out on the course.

In addition to having the right size clubs, a comprehensive golf training program will also help you improve your mechanics so there is a smooth transition when new clubs are required. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, when it comes to golf clubs, and knowing what to look for will help you ensure that you buy ones that are going to be beneficial.

What Measurements Are Needed?

Club length is largely based off the height of the golfer with some variations for personal taste. It is important to start by obtaining your wrist-to-floor measurement. In order to get an accurate reading, stand on a hard floor wearing shoes that are not made for golfing.

With your arms hanging, and your hands relaxed at your side, have another person (friend, parent, store clerk) measure from the point where your wrist meets your hand, down to the floor. Your wrist-to-floor measurement and your height will help you find a set of the proper length golf clubs.

golf trainingTo further customize your golf clubs, you can also have clubs made for you that take into account your preferred shaft flex, shaft length, and grip size. These all relate to various characteristics of your clubs, and they will affect your distance and comfort.

  • Shaft Flex – Shaft flex is a measurement of how much the shaft of your club will bend under pressure. This has an effect on trajectory and distance, and you can determine the ideal flex by knowing your carry distance with a driver.
  • Shaft Length – It makes sense that taller players generally use longer clubs than shorter players. However, your skill level can also play a role in determining if any additional length is necessary.
  • Grip Size – Too large a grip affects your ability to properly swing and follow through a shot, while having too small a grip can cause you to pull or draw the ball.

Sizing Has Its Benefits

Properly sized golf clubs can help you improve your game in a number of ways. In addition to generating more distance on your drives, you will be able to have more control over the trajectory of your shots. If you’ve ever played a round with clubs that were either too short or too long, you know it can dramatically hurt your game. On the other hand, working with experts to find your ideal club length can help you achieve lower scores. For example, having a slightly shorter driver can help increase distance if you find you have trouble making solid contact with your current driver. Putters are unique, as well, because their length should always depend on what is most comfortable for you.

IJGA has a full-time Club Fitter on staff to help you learn how to properly size your golf clubs, and how doing so has an impact on golf training. Contact an expert at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) today, at (843) 686-1500.

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