Want to know what it’s like to be an IJGA student?

Junior golfers who want to discover what it is like to be an IJGA student now have such an opportunity. The IJGA has opened up its doors to those who want to train with some of the best instructors in the nation. The IJGA Holiday Program allows attendees to train in the same facilities as full time students and receive the same mental and physical training that has placed IJGA at the forefront of competitive golf players. The program will include three and one-half days of individualized instruction, daily meals, and housing with on-campus Residential Instructors. Students will be taught the same techniques as full time IJGA students and will undergo the same level of detailed and thorough training.

College Program

The IJGA has recently opened its doors to Collegiate players by partnering with the College Golf Camps of America, the first private multi-college golf camp in the world. Operating under strict NCAA guidelines, IJGA and CGC is a groundbreaking concept that will allow college coaches to instruct, evaluate and interact with junior golfers worldwide. Students will be taught a wide array of technical know-how and the fundamental skills needed for today’s collegiate demands.


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