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It’s lunch time in school and a group of students are chatting enthusiastically and sharing content on their phones. No different to any other high school, apart from the fact that they are discussing their sporting blueprints. This is a common occurrence at Heritage Academy, the partner school of the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA).

For many years Heritage Academy has been providing top quality, flexible education for students with a sporting or arts talent. Students benefit from flexible course scheduling –  classes are either in the morning or the afternoon so that students are able to dedicate the rest of the day to their sport. Even when on tournament, Heritage supports students by using technology that allows them to follow their classes digitally. IJGA particularly appreciate this facility for their students as any anxiety around falling behind in class is not conducive to a good performance on the course.

Gloria Shoemaker, Head of School at Heritage prides herself on a team of teachers who support the passions of students while challenging them academically. The credits and levels of instruction at Heritage Academy meet and exceed SCISA/AdvanceEd guidelines, university admissions criteria and NCAA eligibility standards. Despite balancing academics and golf, Heritage students achieve 100% college placement including Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Michigan.

Heritage Academy has partnerships with a number of organizations including tennis, equestrian, soccer academies. The mixture of different sports and the international blend of athletes makes for a vibrant environment in which students thrive and come to learn and appreciate other cultures. Although the students are all individuals what brings them together and makes for a harmonious learning environment is the desire to excel and stand out in their field, and the willingness to work as hard as they can to achieve this goal. Together IJGA and Heritage produce culturally aware, self-disciplined young people who make a difference in the world of sport and academia.

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