An engaging, challenging and transformative learning opportunity

IJGA exists to empower young adolescents as engaged citizens of an ever-changing, complex global society. As such, more than golf, more than school, IJGA must ensure the positive character development of all students. IJGA achieves this aim through the implementation of its HABITUDES Character Program.

The HABITUDES Character Program extends the course of the school year and provides students with many opportunities for individual and team development. While the activities and assignments change throughout the course of the year, every HABITUDES activity is designed to be an engaging, challenging and transformative learning opportunity. By delving into topics such as integrity, honesty, ethics, gratitude, conflict resolution, communication skills. Students giving their all to this program and its many challenges, will be better poised to navigate their student-athlete journeys with greater confidence, conviction, and commitment.

Altogether, as a result of their IJGA HABITUDES experience, IJGA students will depart the academy well equipped to navigate life’s challenges, trials and tribulations.

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