The BGGA Golf Approach

BGGA coaching team boasts an unrivaled combination of experience and leadership. BGGA’s collaborative coaching model is unique in the world of junior golf. The coaches are led by a high-profile Advisory Board of distinguished research professors in the science of human learning, kinesiology and motor learning, psychology and human performance, and experts in golf biodynamics. The coaching team is supported by renowned leading golf coach Kevin Craggs.
In just five short years BGGA is proud to have built the foremost golf coaching team in junior golf with the results of our students evidencing the quality of instruction and development.  Our analysis shows that we had twice the number of wins over our nearest rival and four times the number of wins over our third-place rival academy.
We see in the structure of the golf program to main elements, one obviously being the Coaching and Instruction of students, but also very importantly we recognize the importance of many areas of the golf program that require professional Management and Organization.

Coaching / Instruction

BGGA has an extraordinary Advisory Board made up of the following notables:
Dr Fran Pirozzolo
Dr Bob Bjork
Dr Bob Christina
Dr Anders Erikson
Dr. Tim Lee
Dr Rob Neal
Trillium Rose
Kevin Smeltz
Our golf coaching/instruction program is built around the principles they have developed from many decades of research into physical, mental and technical aspects of the golf swing and student development. Dr. Pirozzolo, Dr. Neal, Yarwood and Smeltz are also practitioners who spend over fifty days onsite with our coaches and our students, giving invaluable advice to both coaches and students with hands-on interaction.
We then have four POD leaders who have a maximum responsibility for twenty-four students in their POD, and are assisted by at least one senior golf coach.  With our morning and afternoon golf schedules, we manage the ratio of golf coach to student to no more than 8:1 when in a group setting, and often 2:1 or 1:1 for part of the training.  The POD leaders have at least 10 years of coaching experience and have all been accredited by Kevin Smeltz to Level 2, with one further Level of accreditation to be completed:
David Louys-Morone
Manuel Bermudez
Nate Dougherty
Nick Duffy
The senior golf coaches also have an average of over 10 years of coaching experience and have also been accredited by Kevin Smeltz to Level 2:
Drake Edmond
Keegan Fennessey
Scott Shaffer
The golf coaching team are rounded out by the Sports Psychology / Mental Performance and Athletic Development responsibilities by outstanding directors:
Dr Fran Pirizzolo, Sports Psychology
Paul Dewland, Mental Performance
Pat Etcheberry, Athletic Development
Karen Harrison, Athletic Development and Nutrition
Justin Smith, Athletic Development

Management / Organization

Led by Jeff Hay with over ten years directing and managing golf programs in a number of different golf academies.
The many responsibilities which he oversees include:

  • College Counselling and Placement
  • Tournament Strategy and Implementation
  • Data and Measurement
  • Client Reporting
  • Daily Scheduling
  • Technology
  • Facility Management
  • Social Media
  • Membership and Visiting Country / College Team



We provide the tools and environment to help our students become the best they can be. We provide an individualized program blending a data and technology-driven approach with an artistic coaching style. This is based on proven research into the training protocols of elite athletes. We produce well rounded individuals who are capable of performing to the highest level their goals and aspirations dictate.



The coaching approach is interdependent, innovative and individual. Using the POD system, a team of coaches work with a group of students, to allow more individualization in practice and in competition, also exposing students to more expertise and a variety of coaching skills and experiences. Technology plays a key role in providing accurate training blueprints.



Without an accurate gauge of where a student is in all areas of athletic development – functional strength + conditioning, technical skill, mental strength, course strategy + personal growth – it is impossible to provide the right plan for development. Utilizing the best technological diagnostic tools, combined with many year’s experience, BGGA students are assessed in all areas throughout the year.



Using the assessment data, an individualized improvement plan or blueprint is created for each student with clear and measurable process goals in all areas of training. Outcomes and goals are easy to set, but the blueprint provides the roadmap or the how to achieve those goals. Blueprints are regularly monitored and adjusted based on progress and development.



The training program includes physical training – functional strength and conditioning, mental performance training, technical skills training to build mechanics, performance into competition, on course strategy, training and tournament competition. The ongoing performance cycle is: assess – train – compete – evaluate.



Tournaments provide the competitive environment to test students’ skills. However, it is important to build the right schedule based on age, ability, goals and objectives. Having a mix of tournaments that provide different levels of difficulty is an excellent way to gain experience, be challenged and to build confidence.



A junior golfer’s functional strength and conditioning is vital to their success on and off the course. For endurance, injury prevention and to promote peak performance, strength and conditioning is a core part of the golf program at BGGA.



BGGA places a strong emphasis on building mental skills. From creating clear and compelling process goals, learning to focus on the things they can control and developing on course skills to promote grit and perseverance – the mental performance program will help each athlete manage their own tendencies and become stronger mentally.

POD Coaching Model

In pursuit of performance excellence, BGGA adopted a collaborative coaching model or
the POD Concept. This model creates an interdependent team atmosphere whereby students are exposed to a broader array of coaching skills, strengths and expertise.
Learn more about how BGGA coaches look at and assess all areas that affect human performance including technical, physical, mental, emotional, social and strategic abilities in the Admissions Guide.

BGGA 2018 Admissions Guide
junior golf academy student


Welcome to the Community!
BGGA recommends that every new student-athlete join our Orientation Program before each fall semester begins. The program is designed primarily to help students get a head start with English language before the academic school year begins, and to take them through an assessment and blueprinting process.
The second aspect of the role of orientation is acclimating students to their new environment. Orientation allows students to get their bearings in their new home. Through guided tours of Montverde Academy and the campus, orientation provides a safe avenue for new students to find their way around. By moving on campus before classes start, the new students are able to learn the ropes and not seem so green by the time the academic and golf training year begins.
Learn more about how BGGA coaches look at and assess all areas that affect human performance including technical, physical, mental, emotional, social and strategic abilities in the Admissions Guide.


Student-athletes are welcome to join the BGGA Short-Time program for any number of weeks, year round. Players will train under the same method as our Full-Time students. Download the Admissions Guide for more information.

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