Goal Setting and Building Self-Confidence

IJGA Director of Mental Performance and Character/Leadership Development Skylar Jewell shares why success is often not reached by those who pursue it, how to structure your resolutions in order to build confidence, create sustainability of progress and make the most of the time you put into achieving your goals.

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IJGA Director of Mental Performance and Character/Leadership Development Skylar Jewell

It’s a New Year and a fresh start, a time when the masses tend to resolve to new commitments and are in pursuit of new accomplishments. According to the numbers, nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. Throughout the year, as little as eight percent of New Year’s goals are actually completed. What does this mean for you? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Statistics are only what you decide to make of them. Thus, what you decide to be true will most likely become true. It’s the difference between being defined by the stats and being motivated by the stats. Understanding that if a majority fail or pass, it has ZERO influence on your own success  — rather it is an opportunity to prove to yourself your ability to accomplish goals where others may struggle.

Should you be one of the few who do intend on making changes in 2019, these stats still have no effect on whether you are successful or not. As you are aware, that is your own personal responsibility.

When looking for success, if you do not have goals attached, you will struggle to find the definition needed to reflect progress  — which often crushes confidence. You are probably familiar with goal-setting, as well as the consequences of not having goals, so let’s not address goal-setting, but rather focus on how to use a goal to build self-confidence.

Start off with your goal and ask if it is manageable: Can you realistically obtain this goal with the resources available? If not, how can you equip yourself mentally or physically for the climb ahead.

Secondly, is your goal operable? Meaning, can you clearly define the steps along the way to success and do you have the strategies required to navigate your venture? Likely with a growth mindset, you will acquire skills along the way. However if the next step isn’t clear, then reaching your end-target may prove difficult. At this point, you may consider outside resources.

Finally, are your goals “action oriented” where you are able to gain feedback to inform your future actions and performances. It’s often said that massive success is the product of doing many small things the right way. If you are not currently where you want to be, consider the small actionable things you can do such as changing your bedtime or slightly altering the way you speak to yourself in tough times. Small changes can often yield the greatest returns.

While any day is a good day to start or pick back up, continue making your climb and may the year 2019 be your best yet!
~ Skylar

If you would like additional information on this topic, please contact Skylar Jewell at skylar.jewell@ijga.com%2Fijga2019.

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