Everything Matters in College Placement


By Tom Simpson, Director of Student Development and College Placement

The most important thing to keep in mind in college placement is that EVERYTHING MATTERS!  That may come across as speaking in very broad and wide sweeping terms, but a more accurate phrase may have never been written.  The “EVERYTHING” that I have referred to can be both objective and quantitative and/or subjective and qualitative.  Both categories have elements that can enhance or hinder your teenager’s ability to be recruited by universities and colleges in the United States.

I have heard it said that college recruiting in golf is the most objective/quantitative sport in all college sports.  The numbers don’t lie and they are what they are.  The top four set of numbers that colleges look at are the SAT, TOEFL, GPA and the NJGS golfing average.

The first three categories are made up of the most widely used College Placement Standardize Test, the test to calculate the English proficiency of all students coming to college from countries where English is not their first language, the grade point average from 9-12 grade for the 16 core classes required from the NCAA and the scoring average of certified golf tournaments.  The players scoring average is a proven average in a competitive environment.  The coach is looking for players who can consistently perform and help the team to win.

There are a few other objective criteria that may be used but these are paramount in opening or closing doors for prospective recruits.

So, what else matters?  The subject/qualitative items are made up of categories such as:

  • Personal involvement
  • Personality
  • The interview process
  • Chemistry between the future teammates or coach
  • Personal grooming and manners
  • Along with many other possible criteria

These items are the final areas in which all students are evaluated by coaches.

To help prepare our student athletes at BGGA for the college recruitment process, we equip them with a college manual and hold three seminars to present the information.  We also meet one-on-one with each student both on the golf course and in the college office to accurately direct them to colleges that best fit their abilities.



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