Draw Shot Tips

For many people, the draw shot is the desired shot shape. The ball starts to the right of the target, then gently moves from right to left and finishes on target. The shot travels further with a draw than it would with a fade shot. To hit a draw, at the point of impact the club face should be closed in relation to the club path. The club path, which is the direction that the club is travelling through impact should be travelling right of the target line. Then the clubface will need to be aiming slightly left of the club path at the point of impact. 

For many players the decision to hit a draw is a good choice. However, they may lack the information and knowledge to create the desired curvature of the ball. Club selection is a huge factor in determining the flight of the ball. For example, a club with more loft such as a PW, will make it more difficult to curve the ball. Alternatively, a lower lofted club such as a 5 iron, will be easier to curve the ball’s flight path.  With a more lofted club, more backspin will be imparted on the ball. This is what limits the ability of the player to change the spin axis of the ball.  So if you are looking to shape the ball around a tree or the corner of a dogleg, then choose a lower lofted club that will enable you to make the desired shot. 

The image of the TrackMan data shows that the club path through impact was traveling to the right. This is represented by the 1.7. The -0.6 indicates that the club face was closed to this club’s path. This gives us a controlled draw shot.

Unless you are a player with a natural draw, you will need to change your set-up. A simple way to do this is to aim the body slightly right of the target line. Loosen your grip and turn the club face slightly so that it is closed, then take your normal grip. From here, try to swing along where your body is aiming.

You can use one of the many tracking devices such as a TrackMan to give you instant feedback on what you are doing.

This will accelerate your learning, giving you a better understanding of what is truly happening within your swing and how to make the necessary adjustments to create the perfect draw shot.

Dan Jackson
IJGA Coach

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