Defining Excellence: Tracy Lee

“Tracy is a really good player and very smart. She has a really good scholarship to Wisconsin. It’s a testament to her hard work and dedication. She practices really well and does a good job of analyzing where her strengths and weaknesses are. While she works on her weaknesses, she doesn’t dwell on them but does the right thing to help them get better. That’s why she defines excellence.” – Kevin Smeltz, BGGA Director of Instruction

Name: Tracy Lee

From: South Korea

Grade: 12th

Started at BGGA: Two years ago

Why did you choose BGGA: I was considering a few academies but then some college coaches at a college golf camp recommended BGGA as one of the best.

Best part of your game: Driver. It’s pretty consistent.

Why do you play golf: I like the adrenaline of playing in competitions. Golf is a pretty complicated game and I like that. Tournaments are not always won by the same person like other sports.

Goals for the future: Next year I want to start for my college team. In four or five years, I want to play professional golf.

Win one tournament: U.S. Women’s Open

Favorite Golfer: Jason Day

Fun facts about yourself: I like to bake. I can play the piano and flute.

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