Defining Excellence: Stephania Vargas

“Stephania has had some recent interest from colleges so I think she’s realized her goals could come to fruition. Ever since we’ve been in that situation, the commitment to her training has completely changed. She’s been a lot better at implementing what I’d like her to do and she’s fully committed to it. She’s been defining excellence and I think we’re going to see a difference in her results.” – David Louys-Moroney, BGGA Senior Coach

Name: Stephania Vargas

From: Colombia

Grade: 12th

Started at BGGA: In second year

Why did you choose BGGA: I came here in summer camp, it was really fun and I liked the facilities. I like that the course and where we train is here and we don’t have to travel to play golf.

Best part of your game: Putting

Why do you play golf: I started playing since I have memory. I like to play and get away from my problems.

Goals for the future: Get a scholarship to play college golf

Win one tournament: The Masters

Favorite Golfer: Dustin Johnson

Fun facts about yourself: I’m writing a book.

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