Defining Excellence: Niels Schmidlin

“Niels this semester has had two opportunities where he’s had a chance to win tournaments but he failed to do so. He’s learning from it and the next time he gets in that situation he has that memory and experience to recall from and he can get over the line next time. He’s been knocking on the door all semester in tournaments and getting himself in position where he’s in the lead. He’s doing better at implementing strategies in training.” – David Louys-Moroney, BGGA Senior Coach

From: Switzerland

Grade: 10th

Started at BGGA: In second year

Why did you choose BGGA: In Switzerland you can’t play golf all the time. You can only play about six months a year and Florida is perfect.

Best part of your game: Driving

Why do you play golf: It’s the best sport. You get to travel, play different courses, you don’t get hurt and it’s sunny all the time.

Goals for the future: I want to play on the European Tour and then the PGA Tour.

Win one tournament: The Masters

Favorite Golfer: Peter Hanson

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