Defining Excellence: Kristine Yin

“Kristine defines excellence because of the way she has learned over the last couple of years. I think her challenging point was to depend on a coach too much as a crutch. We had to educate her that in an individual sport, like in college or if she tries to be a professional, there’s not always going to be a coach. She has to be autonomous and learn for herself and I think she embraced that.” – Kevin Smeltz, BGGA Director of Instruction

Name: Kristine Yin

From: China

Grade: 12th

Started at BGGA: Three years ago

Why did you choose BGGA: Because of the excellent coach and good facilities.

Best part of your game: Putting

Why do you play golf: Golf is the best sport.

Goals for the future: Playing college golf

Favorite Golfer: Adam Scott

Fun facts about yourself: Always dressed up. Plays the violin. I want to be an artist.

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