Defining Excellence: Hiroshi Tai

“Hiroshi defines excellence because every time he comes out to practice he’s ready to train. He has his plan and is ready to work. When we’re on the course, he’s one of the best competitors in the group. Over the summer, he listened to all of the plans we set for where he should play.” – Nick Duffy, BGGA Senior Coach

Name: Hiroshi Tai

From: Singapore

Grade: 10th

Started at BGGA: One year ago

Why did you choose BGGA: The facility

Best part of your game: Iron game. Hitting it closer to the hole.

Why do you play golf: I started because I enjoyed it.

Goals for the future: Play Division I college golf and hopefully go to the PGA Tour.

Win one tournament: Masters

Favorite Golfer: Jordan Spieth

Fun facts about yourself: I like to ski. I have a messed-up thumb.

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