Defining Excellence: Daniel Song

“Daniel Song defines excellence in the way that he’s changed since he’s been here. He’s going on his third year and he’s changed his practice habits is to be more disciplined. He’s taken on some new practice habits that, bought into them and seen some great results.” – Kevin Smeltz, BGGA Director of Golf

From: China

Grade: 11th

Started at BGGA: In third year

Why did you choose BGGA: It has the best facilities and I really liked the coach here. I visited in the winter before starting here and I really liked the environment.

Best part of your game: Long game

Why do you play golf: It’s very challenging. You have so much fun when you’re competing on the golf course. You never know what’s coming.

Goals for the future: I want to play college golf.

Win one tournament: The Masters

Favorite Golfer: Dustin Johnson

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