IJGA coach Drake Edmond, smiles against a black IJGA logo background

Drake Edmond

Senior Golf Coach

From Michigan City, Indiana, Drake Edmond has over 12 years of experience coaching and teaching golf. Outside of coaching, he’s been playing golf for over 18 years, has a degree in Golf Management, and played in the Moonlight Mini Tour. When Drake is coaching, he emphasizes utilizing golf statistics to track and measure for game improvements, developing players’ short games, and providing his athletes’ full swing analysis. Along with this, he uses technology such as TrackMan, FlightScope, SAM, and Swing Catalyst to gather the necessary data to develop athletes’ skill sets. When he’s not at IJGA Bishops Gate, Drake can be found playing at other courses across Florida. On the occasion he isn’t at a golf course, Drake enjoys fishing, kayaking, and traveling.  What’s your greatest asset/area of expertise?  Focusing on analyzing and tracking data to understand the full scope of an athlete’s ability and using that information to develop strategies tailored to the individual to improve their game.  What’s your favorite part of working at IJGA?  I love mentoring and leading players to become their best. The privilege of seeing each student’s progression and guiding them on their path to college golf or professional golf is very rewarding.

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