Importance of Club Fitting

   It is very common for golfers to have equipment that is inadequate for them. Clubs come in a wide variety of characteristics, and so do those who swing them. In fact, we all are different in many ways. When looking at human physical attributes, we vary in height, weight, arm length, leg length, strength, […]

BGGA’s Facility Perfectly Set Up for Training Junior Golfers

Red flag on the golf course with a grey sky and water in the background

The course at Bishops Gate Golf Academy is undoubtedly one of the best facilities in junior golf globally. Here’s the story on how it became so. In the early days at BGGA, the course was originally an 18-hole golf course that was very short and narrow but with great conditions. It would never be a […]

BGGA’s Tianyu Wu Signs with Washington State

Bishops Gate Golf Academy (BGGA) student-athlete Tianyu Wu signed with the Washington State Cougars men’s golf team. “Tianyu will be a great addition to the program and we are excited to work with him,” said Dustin White, Washington State men’s golf head coach. “He will add a high level of competitiveness to the team, and […]

BGGA Alumni Robin “Tiger” Williams Commits to Florida State University

BGGA Alumni Robin “Tiger” Williams (Peterborough, UK) signed with The Florida State Men’s golf team. Sporting a very similar look to golf legend Tiger Woods, whom he was named after, Williams was a member on the European side of the 2018 Junior Ryder Cup. The England native went 2-1 against the United States. He is […]

Your College Roadmap

    We know college is important to you, which is why it is important to us too. BGGA College Planning & Placement has decades of experience finding the right college for students. BGGA College Planning & Placement works with all Academy students to create an individualized roadmap to reach their goal of studying and […]

Professionalism in Golf

By Nick Duffy, BGGA Senior Coach We as coaches attend many golf tournaments year round. We encounter different swings and see a variety of golfers. If you were to walk the course week in and week out as we do, you would see one common denominator in low scoring students – how they carry themselves […]

Junior Summer Coaching Series: Fundamentals

If you don’t set up to the ball properly, it diminishes your chance of hitting quality golf shots on a consistent basis. Learn about posture and how to set up properly to the ball.  

Junior Summer Coaching Series: Short Game

BGGA Director of Golf Kevin Smeltz shares a short game drill to practice around the green. You take three different clubs that are going to have different lofts and that’ll result in different trajectories.  

Junior Summer Coaching Series: Putting Drill

BGGA Director of Golf Kevin Smeltz demonstrates a putting drill for the golfers that get too technical or mechanical with their putting. More tips: Fundamentals | Swing | Short Game