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Weeks Four/Five: #IJGASummer Photos of the Week

  Things really started to heat up during Weeks Four and Five of IJGA Summer Golf Camp both in terms of temperature and training. After hot and sunny days of practicing at the course, many campers cooled off at the beach, watching the beautiful South Carolina sunsets with their new friends. Over the past two…
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Tips to Avoid Golf Penalties

Golf is a unique sport in that it relies on the players to police themselves when out on the course. It is unlike baseball, which has umpires to call balls and strikes, and basketball, which has referees to whistle fouls and assess appropriate penalties. Golf is a game built on the honor code, where players…
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Week Three: #IJGASummer Photos of the Week

Week three of #IJGASummer had lots of warm weather and sunshine, which campers took advantage of by going to the beach, enjoying frozen treats and playing plenty of golf. Over the past week, junior golfers shared their favorite moments using #IJGASummer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Week three began on June 29, 2015. (more…)
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Week Two: #IJGASummer Photos Of The Week

In addition to golf training, week two of the IJGA Summer Academy Experience was filled with kayaking, a trip to the Fun Zone Amusement & Sports Park, beautiful sunsets and fireworks! Junior golfers from around the world shared their favorite moments from the week by using #IJGASummer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Week two began…

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