Callum Brown Wins at Prestancia Junior Classic


The BGGA student Callum Brown won his first tournament of the season shooting a first round of Even par, to later position himself ahead of the rest by shooting -2. After Callum won the tournament by 5 shots the BGGA team interviewed him about his process that led him to win the tournament:


Q: How was your preparation to the tournament”

Callum: My preparation was good. With the help of Jonathan, Nick, and Drake I was confident that I could perform. 


Q: What helped you perform the way you expected?

Callum: Honestly, having my mom watch was a huge motivator, she kept me positive throughout the two days of the tournament. 


Q: Did you write down your goals for the tournament? What were they?

Callum: Yes I had two goals, one was to win. The other was to enjoy every shot and commit to every decision made.


Q: What did the win mean to you?

Callum: It meant a lot to me, especially knowing I represent BGGA. All the hard work finally started to pay off this past weekend. It was nice being able to get my first win as a bishops gate player.


Q: What’s next? What’s your plan for the rest of the semester?

Callum: Well, I’m going to keep working harder on my game so when my next tournament comes around I know I’ll be prepared. 


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