Blueprinting Week

At IJGA, we measure our student’s progress based on facts rather than opinion. With that goal in mind, we start each year with a Benchmarking Week. This creates a snapshot of the player’s game in that moment in time. The benchmarking tests include 3D analysis, Trackman, video, physical screening, strength tests, fitness tests, course management, 36-hole stroke play event, art and creativity in shots, short game, putting and the mental side. This battery of tests is likely the most comprehensive testing our students have ever been through.

From this data we create a fact-based roadmap called a Blueprint, for each student as an individual, rather than a cookie cutter mentality that does not work in such an individual and personal pursuit as high-level golf.

The Blueprint is the product of the collation of information from Benchmarking Week. The specialists all sit with the student as a team to go through their data and to give recommendations on the approach to create athletic and personal improvement in the short, medium and long term. We have found this ego-less approach to coaching produces tremendous results as there is a cross-over and tie-in from one area to another. For example, someone may have some red flags from a mobility perspective in the gym. This shows up in their swing in 3D and on video. The relevant specialists then work together to create a plan in the gym and on the tee to improve this dysfunction and therefore create an improvement with their interventions.

The student-athletes benefit in numerous ways with this fact based and harmonious model for improvement. As mentioned, it is a fact based rather than an opinion solution. And the coaches work as a team and are all on the same page for the good of the player. Coach ownership of a player is one of the drawbacks of some coach/player relationships. This can stifle growth of both the player and the coach, so we have a team approach with all members of the team having equal share and investment in the player and their future. Additionally, the Blueprint takes the guesswork out, giving the player more confidence to forge ahead and improve. Lastly, coaching is often based on intellectual property with player improvement only being judged by a win here and there. Whilst we like players to win and perform and have a history of it, we also like to measure improvements in all areas we test. Transparent and agnostic coaching I like to call it – which creates performance by design.

That’s the IJGA way!


Jonathan Yarwood

IJGA Director of Golf

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