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Around four months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to speak and assist in a seminar in Argentina by the Director of Training for the Argentina National Team, Santiago Garat. I was really excited and honored to get the opportunity to share ideas and help others to get better (both players and fellow coaches). This week I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to participate in the Seminario para Profesionales de Golf y Encargados de Escuelas – the biggest coaching event on the continent. 

I tried to prepare myself as well as I could for the event, but the funny thing was I didn’t know I was preparing myself to speak to more than 150 coaches including coaches and instructors from the national teams from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. Not only that, but I was part of the team lead by Tony Bennet (Director of Education for the professional golfers of Europe) and Jesus Rodriguez Salvador (former Director of the Elite Program for La real Federacion Española de Golf and current member of the Board of Advice for TPI).

I was so honored and shocked to be part of this three-man team with such a huge responsibility. The first day of the three-day seminar was a big classroom session for all the participants covering topics such as training movements, drills and their functional progression, junior development learning centers, differences between attributes,skills, and knowledge of a golf coach, and managing expectations.

The plan for the program the following two days was to train the top 40 coaches present not only in a classroom session, but in a practical session. Here is when things got really interesting for me — I was approached by our team leader and he said, “Manuel, great job today! Are you ready for the next two days?” I obviously responded yes, but I had no idea was I was getting myself into it. Tony decided to change the plan and I was involved in the instruction.

Tony and Jesus have been doing this type of seminar for a long time and the quality of the information they delivered is world class. Participating in this program was one of the best moments that I have had in my short career as a golf coach. I was honored that both Tony and Jesus trusted me to give a presentation at this seminar.

Over the final two days of the seminar, I was able to make the coaches present a little more curious about how to train an efficient golf swing, how to plan a smart training session and how to improve the scores of players without working on their mechanics. The most exiting part of this experience however, was how much I learned and grew from my participation! 

Cant wait to the next time!! Thanks to the AAG, R&A and PGA of Europa.

Pictures from the event can be found on the Asociacion Argentina de Golf Facebook page

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