BGGA Graduating Class of 2017


It’s graduation time at BGGA, which means it’s a time of reflection. Seniors have spent the year dreaming of the day they walk across the stage, accept their diploma and close the chapter in life called high school. Their time at BGGA has been successful on and off the course and the students have grown in respect to their golf game and character.

Take a look at the senior speeches below to celebrate our seniors and applaud their success now and in the future.


Graduating Class of 2017

Florian Blatti

Attending and playing golf at George Mason University


Conor Byrne
Attending University College, Dublin

“People should be encouraged to think different, try different, be different, be amazing.”


Philip Chen
Attending and playing golf at University of Charleston, West Virginia


Ben El Cohn
Attending and playing golf at Nova Southeastern University


David Fu
Attending and playing golf at Earlham College

“Confidence is needed to accomplish anything. One cannot be careless even when leading and having a clear advantage. There is still a chance of loss even when the game is not finished. Quitting is not an option and your best is always required.”


Pierce Hawker
Attending Queens University


Nicholas Ingoglia


Brett Inserra
Attending and playing golf at Loyola University Maryland


Philipp Krahmer
Returning to BGGA as a Post Graduate

“In life, sometimes, you must stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to succeed and accomplish your goals.


Chun Yan Leong
Attending and playing golf at University of Wisconsin-Parkside


Margaret Liu
Attending and playing golf at Vassar College

“Life is a long journey and we’ve only been through the start of the journey. There are many more amazing things that are waiting for us to explore. The road will not always be peaceful. There are obstacles that we need to overcome as well. Most of the time it is the failures and the lessons we have learned that will make us stronger. Keep trusting our dreams and don’t be scared. I believe we will eventually reach our goals.”


Emily Ma
Attending Oregon State

“I am thankful to have all of these life experiences that my parents have given to me and their unconditional love.”


Carlos Marrero
Attending and playing golf at University of West Florida

“Each person designs their own life. Liberty gives us the power to carry out this duty. To make choices for ourselves. Even though they are not the best, they are necessary to grow.”


Tennoshin Ogawa
Attending and playing golf at University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

“As long as your WHY is strong, you’ll be fine wherever you go.”


Taisuke Ono
Attending and playing golf at California State University-Bakersfield

“Everything you want to do, take it seriously if you want to achieve your goals.”


Jasmin Pnaiser
Attending and playing golf at Saint Leo University

“I knew leaving my family behind would be hard but I realized I would make new friends and become independent and self disciplined.”


Adam Podkonicky

“Every cloud has a silver lining. Without my concussion, I wouldn’t be standing here giving my speech being supported by my great new friends from the golf academy.”


Jakob Raichle
Attending and playing golf at Springfield College

“We all need to be unsung heroes everyday. We need to put aside our fears, feelings of envy and distrust. We need to respect our differences and support each other to make the world a better place. It starts and ends with us, after all we’re all in this together.”


Yukie Sasaki
Attending and playing golf at University of Houston

“I work hard every day in golf and fitness because I have only one reason why I’m here in Florida which is to achieve the dream of becoming one of the best golfers in the world.”


Christian Tupamahu
Attending and playing golf at University of the Cumberlands

“Even when things are not going well you should stay positive, because you never know what will happen next.”


William Zhang
Attending Marymount California University

“No matter any misfortune or adversity you’re experiencing, always remember who you are and stick to your plans.”


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