Basic Steps in Transitioning into a New Environment

By Tom Simpson, BGGA Director of Character Development and College Advisor

Transitioning suggests movement, change and fluidity. Here at Bishops Gate Golf Academy, we are a hub of transitioning. Students come from around the world to stretch themselves, their games and their mindsets. They grow and develop with the intent to be the best golfers, students and citizens that they can be. From here, they are equipped and sent out to universities and colleges throughout the United States and around the world. It does not matter if you are arriving for the first time or returning after summer break or even going off to college after your BGGA days, to make your transition easier, remember the acronym C. O. P. It stands for Change, Opportunity and Perseverance.

Change always means different. It doesn’t mean good or bad, it’s just not the same as it used to be.   When we embrace different experiences, cultures, teachers, coaches and friends we open ourselves up to the possibilities of growth. The people, places and experiences that you have encountered have had a major role in who you are, but now those things are about to change and different people, places and experiences are about to come your way. Try to welcome and learn “the new things”.

Opportunity is all about possibilities. Each student-athlete at BGGA is given the opportunity “to be the best you, you can be”. We are designed, at each area of the academy, to help assist our students to grow and learn. Our international golf staff and our state-of-the-art, first-class training facilities have been assembled to give the greatest opportunity for improvement to each of our junior golfers. By being an international golf academy, our students will have the opportunity to literally make friends from around the world and culturally learn from their peers. It is our hope that each student would make the most out of the opportunities presented to them.

Perseverance is very important in transitioning because although the initial move is immediate, the process of transitioning takes time. There are many things that people need to learn to adjust to, such as time zones, stroke changes, language, foods, customs, etiquette and friendships.  Yes, some areas will naturally come easier in the transitioning process, but others will be difficult and that is where perseverance is a necessity. To have the attitude that you will never give up in any endeavor is invaluable trait to have.

As one can see, transitioning is a natural and recurring event in our lives but at times, especially for teenagers, it can seem a daunting task. Transitioning can be simple but often is not easy. We hope that by remembering the acronym C. O. P.: Change, Opportunity and Perseverance, the transition will be made with less stress and more enthusiasm.


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