The Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing BGGA.

BGGA offers a unique opportunity to outstanding juniors and seniors. We provide high achieving individuals a chance to polish their leadership skills on a peer level before they attend college.
Each year, Bishops Gate Golf Academy identifies twelve upperclassmen to be Student Ambassadors and twelve Trainee Ambassadors who work closely with coaches and staff to enhance student life throughout the entire academy community.
The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for our students to draw upon their unique skills and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. These young leaders learn valuable skills and experience in mentoring and leading others and demonstrate strong character traits and civic responsibility.
Each Ambassador must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be in good standing in the BGGA community. The Ambassador is the head of their household and inspires fellow students to take pride in their home. Ambassadors generate a chore list and a rotation of these responsibilities with his or her housemates. They serve as a liaison between housemates and staff. Ambassadors as a group have the responsibility of being the student council of BGGA, meeting twice a month and discussing student body issues. The goal of these discussions is that the team of Ambassadors will come up with enlightened solutions. During this student council meeting they are also trained with additional leadership skills using the Habitudes for Building Student Leaders program.
Ambassadors oversee safety in their homes, being the first line on any issue and quickly calling in house parents to assist. They are trained in fire safety by the local fire department and are knowledgeable about fire extinguishers and alarms in their residencies. Additionally, ambassadors have the privilege of becoming certified in first aid.
With all these responsibilities, Ambassadors will get some exciting benefits. Each Ambassador receives service hours to meet their Montverde commitments. They take part in Ambassador Night Out events where they will attend dinners off campus. They will have other Ambassador bonding experiences such as guest speakers and unique outings.
Senior ambassadors receive additional benefits. They have an option of a single room, if available, or to share a master bedroom. They get access to their own personal golf cart, with the Ambassador’s name on it and parked in the garage every night. However, with the great privilege of a personal golf cart comes great responsibility. The Ambassadors therefore go through a golf cart training course and have strict cart rules to abide by. Also, the Ambassadors are expected to give fellow students rides as needed.
The Ambassador Program gives these select students a firsthand experience with leading their peers with training and assistance from qualified staff. Each Ambassador experiences pride in managing their team of housemates and witnessing their influence take effect. The skills and experiences they receive can last a lifetime and gives these students a head start to college and their professional careers.

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