Our Vision is to be the world leader in junior golf development.
Our Mission is to build and inspire excellence of golf skill and character.


In just five short years BGGA is proud to have built the foremost golf coaching team and outstanding peer group in junior golf, evidenced by the extraordinary results and accomplishments of our students. BGGA Students won 56 tournaments last season (of which 30 where elite level tournaments), more than other east coast golf academies combined.
The centralized, full-service campus and private golf facilities for BGGA students, together with the experience and quality of our golf program are unrivalled, evidenced by the national golf and college teams who train at BGGA.
Sixty-four students transferred from other Academies to BGGA in the past five years, a testament to the quality of the program and facilities. BGGA is the only Golf Academy for enlightened families in the know about junior golf academies.
The BGGA campus has the most beautiful and unique golf training facility in the golf academy industry – built for high performance training, with an extensive 50,000 sq. ft. range, with three putting greens, two chipping/bunker greens, four hitting areas and plenty of opportunities for short game approaches. Although equipped with a 7,000-yard golf course – nine holes with two different tee options on each hole and double greens to match the tee option – these golf holes are exclusive to the golf academy and therefore can be used for training rather than exclusively for play. We are the only academy course where Juniors take precedence over other golfers, enabling a flexibility to golf training and allowing students to have more autonomy in their training program.
BGGA has a strong team of golf coaches with over 100 years of aggregate experience who encourage an individualized approach to golf development, with extensive use of cutting edge technology and performance training to enhance the coaching experience. And BGGA has an unsurpassed Advisory Board of industry legends who validate and guide our approach.
With an academic partnership with the outstanding Montverde Academy, the U.S. sport high school of the decade, and a strong focus on Leadership and Character development in our “home away from home” student life program, we offer the highest ranked all-around junior golf program, that for most students is a life-changing experience.
BGGA is founded on the principles of partnership and collaboration. This infuses every aspect of what we do.


Our most valuable asset is our peer group of students whom we believe are second to none.  Our student-athletes share the common experience of sacrifice, in leaving home; courage in typically coming to a foreign country to study in a different language, and great ambition to become a professional golfer or at minimum to have a great college golf experience.
Peer group interactions and school culture have consistently been named among the most influential factors on student learning. Further, a mounting body of evidence clearly indicates that students who receive programming focused on leadership, community and character academically outperform their peers, get better grades, and graduate at higher rates.
BGGA has both a peer-mentoring /leadership model known as BGGA Ambassadors and a college athlete character program called HABITUDES. Through these programs that harness the power of peers, BGGA leverages the leadership potential of students critical to college and career success.
Maintaining our student body at less than one hundred students preserves the intimacy and familiarity of this peer group.


Parents entrust their children to us, and students entrust us with their futures. This is a responsibility we take seriously. As such, our promise to nurture and grow individuals is one not made lightly, and one we ensure we keep. 


At Bishops Gate Golf Academy, we believe that everyone has it within them to be the very best they can be. Which is why we have designed an innovative approach to human athletic development that has its foundation in self-mastery: enabling and empowering our students to develop the autonomy, self-sufficiency, self-control, and self-confidence required to discover and ignite what drives and fulfills them, and to pursue the education and technical skills required to master their individual purpose and destiny.





The foundation of our training program is the M.A.P. (Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose) blueprint – an individual plan for each student aimed at igniting their own intrinsic drive and motivation, empowering and enabling them to create their own path toward their destiny and achieving mastery in their pursuit of this plan.

Our program rests on three pillars: Golf Development, Leadership and Character Development and robust Academics and Support.


• Learn from the team of best minds in golf education and training
• Spend more time on the golf course and expert coaching aimed at building playing skills, learning how to make decisions and growing in emotional and strategic development
• Learn to master a world-class short-game


• Montverde Academy
• Heritage Synchronous Education
• BGGA Learning Center


• Build self-sufficiency, strategic thinking and independent decision-making
• Develop resourcefulness, creativity and a learning and growth mindset
• Live with an exceptional peer group
• Build character, grit and resilience


The partnership structure ensures the optimal alignment of interest between parents/student, staff and shareholders.This infuses every aspect of what we do and ensures that everyone – from our coaches to our teachers – is involved and has a voice.Also results in staff stability, with most golf coaches working together since BGGA inception.
We are innovative. We rethink everything. We’re not afriad to challenge established norms and encourage new ways of thinking and doing things.
We are accountable. We take ownership and follow up.
We’re creative and curious, and never stop learning, improving and having fun while doing it.
We’re intensely passionate and committed. We love and appreciate what we do and never forget to practice gratitude and humility while doing it.
We’re courageous. We display initiative, grit, determination, and entrepreneurship in problem-solving and pursuit of our goals.
We strive towards excellence. In everything we do.
We keep our promises and act with integrity and professionalism, always.

BGGA has established itself as the premier academy and training facility.

BGGA now has its own family of pros, and that list is growing all the time.

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