The Original You: Alexandre Liu

IJGA athlete addresses a camera on the golf course
Alexandre Liu

If there was one word to describe Alexandre Liu it would be ‘driven’ – driven to be the best he can be as a golfer and as a person. Get to know this top-ranked player with college and professional golf in his sights.

This is Alexandre Liu, and this is #TheOriginalYou.

Bishops Gate Golf Academy is about the individual. We strive to create student-athletes who are self-motivated and inspired to chase excellence in everything they do. The only way to truly tap into the full potential of our students is to understand not only where they came from but also who they really are. #TheOriginalYou is a space for students to embrace their personality and be recognized not only for their athletic skills, but also for their character as well. We want them to be seen for who they are, for what they dream and for what they have accomplished.

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