Giving Thanks

Junior Golf Academy facility golf cpourse with sun shining through the trees

The fourth Thursday in November is universally without reserve and in full possession of one of the greatest attributes in man’s arsenal of emotion – Gratitude.

Truth is, giving thanks requires big emotions and tempts big ideas. Thanksgiving is an exceptionally opportunistic day, one that invites us to noodle around with grand concepts as deliciously satisfying as the prophetic meal itself.

Not so mysteriously, we arrive famished at the board of plenty but dine in the austere spirit of more fulfilling cuisine: hope, humility, faith, promise and honor. Purposefully, our personal devotions are placed upon the bill of fare above the bird, yams, dressing, cakes and pies. Indeed, each savory dish on the menu is secondary to the spirit of the day and not the entrée at all! Nope, on Thanksgiving, if you ask the big questions, you get the main course.

Thank you for being a friend of Bishops Gate Golf Academy. Enjoy a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

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