Club Fitting at IJGA

IJGA coach demonstrates club fitting

Having the proper equipment to work with is extremely important when learning to swing a golf club accurately and consistently. All of the major golf equipment manufacturers build clubheads for different levels of skill. My job as a coach and club fitter at IJGA is to ensure that the shaft has the proper stiffness, weight and length in an effort to provide student-athletes with the best and most consistent results based upon their body style.

All initial measurements will be done at address while the coach is making sure that the student-athlete is in proper position and balanced. To determine what shafts will produce the greatest results, we utilize the TrackMan device and analytics. These measurements will also determine the lie angles and lofts required for each student to have properly tailored equipment — customized to their individual needs.     

All Academy students’ clubs will be checked within the first two weeks of the school year while working with IJGA Director of Golf Jonathan Yarwood on their initial assessment in the Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate Studio. Properly fitted clubs are a MUST for great execution.

Additionally, the SAM Puttlab system is used to ensure the putter is fitted accurately. Proper posture at address is required for optimal results. 

IJGA now has a fully-equipped club repair room onsite in the Performance Training Center and any necessary adjustments that the student-athletes require can be completed in-house.

Dwight Nevel
IJGA Coach


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