Where are they now? IJGA Alumni Jasmine Chee

Alumni Jasmine Chee

We had the chance to catch up with  IJGA graduate, Jasmine Chee, as she started her sophomore season at Western Michigan University. Jasmine had a very impressive freshman year with 10 starts, 4 top-5 finishes with 1 win. She was named to the All Mac Tournament Team and finished third on the team with a scoring average of 76. Jasmine hopes to continue that momentum into this season and we are very excited to see how she does. Check out the information below to find out a little more about our own Jasmine Chee.

Q: How did you get started in golf?

My dad influenced me. We would travel to Thailand when I was a kid and I’d be on the golf cart eating snacks while I watched him play with his friends.

Q: You love golf, so what drives your passion for it?

At first, it was the thrill of getting a trophy, regardless of what place it was for. Now it’s a little different. Just being able to go out and play on all these different golf courses makes me happy. Being able to play on a golf team where we share a common goal is awesome. You’re competitors but you’re teammates at the same time. It’s thrilling.

Q: What are your goals in golf?

Hopefully to play on tour.

Q: How is college going so far?

College is going great! I broke par in my first ever collegiate event as a freshman, also broke the school record for the lowest 18, 36 team score. Won my first event last fall and made the All MAC Tournament Team.  Also got my first letter as a student-athlete this fall!

Q:  How did IJGA prepare you for college?

IJGA provided me with not just the golf skills but also basic life skills. Stuff like keeping my room clean, doing my own laundry, getting along with your housemates etc. The set up at IJGA was pretty similar to college for me. You would go to school in the morning, eat lunch, play or practice depending on the schedule and twice a week you would have fitness after all those. You would have to plan your evening accordingly depending on how much work you have to do.

Q: What do you love about being a college athlete?

Out of everything I would say the pride and the fulfillment you get representing your school. Most often not in junior golf, you’re representing yourself and the academy. But in college the thrill is different. You’re matching with your teammates, all carrying the same bag, practicing at your “designated” area.  Being able to wear the W or the school name is a tremendous honor to me. I’ll be lying if I didn’t enjoy the perks of being a student-athlete. Being able to register for classes early, getting snack bags for the week and the amount of support staff you know are there for you.

Q: What has been one of the biggest challenges about the new experience as a college student?

I would say the biggest challenge of being a student-athlete is handling your own schedule. No one is there to tell you what to do anymore. Professors won’t remind you constantly when a due date is. I wouldn’t say there is anything that was a big change for me. The lifestyle at IJGA and in college are pretty similar.

Q: What would you like people to know about the experience at IJGA and how it helped you achieve your goal?

My experience at IJGA was amazing. I had all these support staff that guided me through my college process. The coaches really helped develop my game both technically and mentally. It was always my goal to get a scholarship to play in a Division I school and it wouldn’t be possible without the help from all the staff at IJGA. The coaches, Residential Instructors, Teachers at the Heritage Academy all played a huge role in my life.

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