Defining Excellence: Greg Shen

“Greg pushes me as a coach. He will take on board what I tell him, and then he’ll do some research on it and come back with really good questions about it. He questions me. That’s why he defines excellence. He doesn’t take things as face value. Greg does the research and finds out why he should do things.” – David Louys-Moroney, BGGA Senior Coach

Name: Greg Shen

From: Vancouver, Canada

Grade: 12th

Started at BGGA: Two years ago

Why did you choose BGGA: The facility and how covenant it is. You can wake up in the morning and practice, go to the gym and eat all in the same place.

Best part of your game: Bunker shots

Why do you play golf: I’ve always liked being able to practice at something and get better. Golf is something where you can go out and keep improving.

Goals for the future: Get as good as I possibly can.

Win one tournament: PGA Tour Championship

Fun fact about yourself: I was born on the leap year.

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