Summer Camp Success Story!


As an organization that focuses primarily on developing young adults using golf as our medium, we couldn’t be happier getting letters like these. Recently we had a brother and sister join us for summer camp. Through their short time at IJGA they made unprecedented improvements not only in their golf but also in their confidence. Taking that confidence in their swing changes lead them both to 1st place finishes in a local tournament just days after returning home from our camp. See the testimonial below for more details about these two outstanding campers.

Just a quick note to express how happy all of us (my wife and I, and Ethan and Emerson) were with the time the kids spent at IJGA over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, Erin did an outstanding job being flexible with Emerson and her ability to participate in the after-lessons activities.  Emerson loved it! And everybody was flexible with our changing schedule, going from 3 weeks to 2 for Ethan and then the idea of possible adding the third back but ultimately not doing that.

Most importantly, both kids learned a lot during their time there, and walked away confident in what they’d learned.

One reason we opted to head home on Friday, the 23rd, is because the ‘tour’ our kids participate in had a 2-day tournament this past weekend (the 24th and 25th) and we wanted to get them home in time to participate in that tournament.

Both Ethan and Emerson got first place in their age groups. Ethan had never finished anywhere close to first place before…I don’t think Ethan had ever even finished Top 5, and none of us think their performance the day after getting home from IJGA was just a coincidence.

Watching Ethan, in particular, more than one person commented on how it was like watching a completely different kid.  His short game was so much improved, it was really amazing to watch.  His chips and puts have been a real weakness of his game, and his IJGA experience turned it around in 2 weeks.  As impressive as swing and technique was his confidence, as he knew exactly what he was going to do with different approach shots he had to take, whether he was looking for the ball to get a lot of loft and stop, or go low and roll…it was really fun to watch.

Ethan shot a 78 and an 81 over the past couple of days.  When I reached out to Patrick last November, Ethan was a low-to-mid 90’s player, and I was looking for help getting him to mid-80’s sometime this summer.  He actually broke 90 (shooting an 89) several months ago, but then had trouble getting back into the 80’s until just before his IJGA summer experience.  While he did get to the mid-80’s in a few rounds leading up to his couple of weeks at IJGA, I am confidence that those two weeks were the catalyst for him breaking 80 with his score of 78, which is something I’d hoped would happen at some point later this year.

So – consider us extremely pleased with the program, and both Ethan and Emerson are looking forward to next summer!”


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